Ahoy World!

Ahoy and welcome to the first post from A Bit Awake!  We are a new indie studio from Toronto that is using the Godot engine to create our first game.  Helms of Fury  is a rogue-lite that takes place in a fantasy setting, where you play as one of three knights who collect abilities and power-ups to grow stronger, fighting your way through hordes of enemies, trap rooms and boss battles.

A bit about us

We are a 2p team made up of a programmer and a designer.  We have been creating webapps together for years (too many to count on fingers), and have always been excited to make a game.  After about 18 months of learning and progress, we're ready to start dipping our feet in promotions and marketing!

Upcoming Posts

Working with the Godot game engine, we will be sharing progress updates and announcements, along with tutorials in Godot for things we learn along the way.  To kick off some tutorials, next Wednesday we will be posting one on procgen using cellular automata to create caves in Godot, and we plan to follow it up with a similar one using BSP trees to make dungeons.

Follow Along

Interested in our game?  Love Godot tutorials?  Or simply curious to see what we get up to?  Then follow @abitawake on twitter to get notified of our upcoming posts!