Announcing Helms of Fury!

To kick off our first post for 2020 we are happy to announce our upcoming indie game: Helms of Fury!

About the Game

Helms of Fury is a dungeon crawling rogue-lite with a focus on fast combat, discovering items and combining runes to create insanely powerful builds. Made to be replayed, you battle your way through procedural dungeons full of enemies, traps and treasures with new things to discover every run.

Three Unique Classes

Each Knight in Helms of Fury offers a unique playstyle. Choose from the lightning-charged Storm Knight; the powerful and explosive Mecha Knight; or the bow-wielding, pet-summoning Wild Knight.

Items are your Abilities

Unleash a crazy arsenal of weapons against your enemies, as every item you find becomes an ability you can use. Discover whirlwind sword attacks, leaping hammer attacks, crashing lightning bolts, explosive bombs, stomping pet rocks, angry bee hives, and tons more.

Crazy Powerful Builds

Grow in power as you progress through each run, choosing Specializations, finding Orbs of Mayhem, and picking the best runes to synergize with your current items.

Local Co-op

Team up with a friend and collect unique item and rune drops based off your chosen knights. Work together to create powerful builds, and discover whether 2 helms are better than one!

Interested to know more?  Head over to our brand new Steam page to check out all the details, and consider offering us some early support by joining our Wishlist =)