August Devlog: Godot 3.5, 2D Depth, Portal Rooms

Welcome to the August devlog for Helms of Fury!  This month we updated our game to the newly released Godot 3.5, worked on a depth system for 2D, and added new content to our starting portal room.

Godot 3.5

Helms of Fury was updated to Godot 3.5, which was released this month.  This was an awesome release with a lot of improvements to the engine, many of which we worked to add into our game.  Notably, our levels were updated to support the new Navigation2DServer that our pets now use, and our tweens were rewritten to use the new Godot 4 tweening system that was backported.

Depth in 2D

In our June devlog we mentioned we worked on YSort fixes for enemies and projectiles in our game.  This month we improved this further, creating a new system to handle depth with objects that can change height, such as arrows that arc or players that leap.  Once we had this applied, it fixed a few more edge cases in our game.

Portal Rooms

New content has been added to the starting portal room.  Companion pets you unlock, such as Zombie Cat, roam here and can be adopted to join you on your adventures.  A statue that offers a starting item can also be found here - interact with it to find out what happens!

Updates and Polish

  • Artillery and Cannons for the Mecha Knight now have better raycast checks before trying to fire at targets.
  • State Machines, which we use to handle the actions that players and enemies are doing, were rewritten to better handle race conditions and keep track of previous states.
  • Fixed some graphic issues, such as the Wild Knights reload bar being too low and the Spike Ball trap not properly appearing in front and behind targets.

That's all for this update, cya next month!