January Devlog: Challenge Room + Vanish

Welcome to the January devlog for Helms of Fury!  This month we worked on break rooms, Kickstarter rewards, reorganized our project structure, and more updates & polish!

More Break Rooms

Here's a peek at a Challenge Room we worked on this month.  If you can sneak past the goblins you get to see what's in the cart - but wake the goblins and the cart zooms off, leaving you with nothing!

Design a Rune: Vanish

For those looking for a bit more tactical and sneaky combat, we worked on a Vanish Rune with TyPhyter from OftWare.  Choosing this rune provides you with stealth after each dash, making enemies unable to detect you:

Better Folder Structure

This month we cleaned up some technical debt for our game by improving its folder structure.  Being our first game and learning as we go, our folders got pretty unwieldy after working on this game for several years.  Now knowing all of the components for our game, we were able to organize everything much better.  Godot was pretty awesome here, as it internally updates all the paths for you when moving objects, making a large reorganization like this much easier!

Updates & Polish

  • Improved the ground details in a few rooms to have less empty patches.
  • Collision shapes for objects next to each other were improved to work better.
  • The graphics for some impact effects were updated.
  • Room exits were improved to work with more options, making testing easier.
  • Players now have a Fear state, which certain enemies can inflict upon them.
  • Several trap rooms were updated to have wider tunnels.

That's all for this update, cya next time! =)