July Devlog: Trap Rooms + Dampe

Welcome to the July devlog for Helms of Fury!  This month we worked on adding new trap rooms, Kickstarter rewards, and gameplay improvements!

Trap Rooms

We added 11 new trap rooms that you might encounter during your play-through.  These rooms contain new cannon traps that shoot bullets in a variety of sequences, which can divide up a room and be tricky obstacles to pass through!

Design an NPC: Dampe

Along with our own game updates, we are also working on Kickstarter rewards for our backers.  This month we have a teaser to share for an NPC we worked on with hatterbunny, a mole named Dampe who is always getting lost!

Updates and Polish

  • Better enemy AI when patrolling rooms.
  • Changing our object avoidance to use context based steering, which is covered in this tutorial by kidscancode.
  • More raycast checks before enemy/pet attacks and actions.
  • Code refactoring to handle effects and objects shared in multiple places.
  • Preventing some 2P exploits, such as making sure both players are close enough to portals to use them.
  • Adding more Area2Ds to enemies/pets/players that check for different types of collisions, which improves combat feel and precision.

That's all for this update, hope everyone is having a great summer and cya next month!