March Devlog: Kickstarter Rewards + Char Select

Welcome to the March devlog for Helms of Fury!  This month we chatted with backers about their design rewards, started implementing these rewards, and worked on the char select process for the game.

Planning Design Rewards

We started chatting with many people who choose design rewards for Runes, Items and NPCs this month!  Many of the ideas seem like they will work great in Helms of Fury, and there was lots of really creative concepts.  Runes had so many cool ideas we may revamp parts of our UI to better showcase them!  We have lots of work to do on these and a few more people to chat with, but thanks to everyone for the chats we've had so far, its been fun!

Implementing Design Rewards

We started to implement some of the design rewards into the game this month.  Most of these rewards are pretty heavily in development, but we still wanted to give you a sneak peak!  So here is some work in progress on one of the runes:

  •  All That Glitters: Gold now explodes, damaging nearby enemies.

Char Select

We experimented a lot this month on how you select your knight before going into the actual levels.  As part of this we also added a new feature, Suits of Armor, which determine your starting stats.  As you play you will find and unlock additional Suits of Armor, which you can use on future runs, providing you even more options for how you can build your knight.

These parts aren't finalized enough to show images of yet, so consider this a bit of a teaser for our april devlog ;)

That's all for this update, cya next month!