September Devlog: Level Exits + Rocksy Stone

Welcome to the September devlog for Helms of Fury!  This month we worked on level exits, Kickstarter rewards, and updates & polish!

Level Exits

This month we tried some new ideas with how our level exits work.  Before you would go through the same portal when travelling between stages and levels; now you take stairs when going between stages, and use themed portals when travelling to new levels.  We are still experimenting with this, and will continue working on it next month.

Design an NPC: Rocksy Stone

We worked on more Kickstarter rewards this month, and have a preview to share with you!  Here is an NPC created with The4bestgame, an elemental blacksmith named Rocksy Stone with a chip on her shoulder who can upgrade your items.

Updates & Polish

  • Updated companion pets to have a more clear Adopt interaction.
  • Worked on new UI for the Upgrade Shop window.
  • Fixed Line2D trails with certain bombs and arrows.
  • Restructured jump/leap code to be more reusable between enemies and players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bounce ability sometimes got stuck in rocks.
  • Worked on room layout and new objects for the Dungeon Boss.
  • Updated collision masks to support ghost enemies that can ignore projectiles and attacks.

Also a quick note, we will be skipping the October devlog as we want to focus more on development next month.  Thanks and cya in November =)